Not only do we handle all of your fuel and oil needs, but we also take care of many other customer concerns.  You depend on us to keep your business moving so you can run your busines.  Since our goal is to keep you moving, we keep mobile as well.  Our fleet of delivery trucks can reliably deliver fuel wherever and whenever you need it.

Let us handle monitoring the fuel levels and health of your fuel system needs

Tank Monitoring

Face it, your tank never runs out at the best possible time, does it? Of course not. But it might just run out at the worst possible time. Or somebody in your office might just forget to order. Leave those problems behind with our tank monitoring system. We’ll install the monitor, keep on top of the data, determine when your tanks need to be refilled and schedule the delivery. Relax, we’ve got this!

We deliver to Champaign, Ford, Vermillion, and Piatt Counties - even after hours


Need a delivery or a repair to your fuel equipment. We deliver to Champaign, Ford, Vermillion, and Piatt Counties. We are open weekdays 8-5. Need help after hours or on a weekend? No problem. If you get our answering machine, a cell phone number is provided to reach us 24/7.

We won't leave you high and dry if your equipment breaks, we will be there to help fix fuel tanks quickly

Equipment Maintance

Sadly, everything breaks down eventually. But when they do, we will be there to get things running again. So, when you need service on any of our products, call us and we will be there asap!

We have Portable Construction Site Equipment – Jobsite Equipment Needs

Portable Construction Site Equipment – Jobsite Equipment Needs

Save time and money by having us deliver equipment to you! We can supply your fuel needs at your jobsite including tanks, pumps, hoses, filters and containment. We deliver on time and on site so you can stay on budget and under deadline!

Other Services

We have an in-house accounting team that handles payment so that you can get fueled up and back to productivity faster


We keep the payment process as painless as possible. We accept all forms of payment and will bill you electronically via email. Saves time. Saves paper. Spend less time processing paperwork and more time growing your business.

We deliver fuels within a 24 hour period

24 Hour Access

When you need us, we’re there for you. Reach us 24/7 by calling (217) 892-2083.  After hours instructions are on our answering machine so you can reach one of us at any time.

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